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St. Joe's Kidney Transplant Livestream

St. Joe's Kidney Transplant Livestream

Surgical staff at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton work to remove a healthy kidney from NagaMani Turaga, 44, which was later placed inside her husband Bhargav Turaga, 45, during a transplant procedure that was live streamed over the internet from St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario on May 10, 2017. The surgical staff are Dr. Shahid Lambe, Transplant Surgeon (left), Dr. Anil Kapoor, Lead Transplant Surgeon (left), Dr. Katherine Parlee, Anesthesiologist, (centre) Dr. Gaurav Vasisth, Transplant Fellow (right), Dr. Rahul Bansal (right), Pam Currier, OR Nurse (right). (Photo by Peter Power for St. Joseph's Healthcare).
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