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FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME - A group of Mennonite boys, aged 15-18, play a game of shinny hockey on a homemade rink on the farm owned by Noah Martin in Wallenstein, Ontario on Jan 8, 2010. Their rink is one of many in the area that are full of Mennonite children playing hockey on a Saturday afternoon. Nearby, behind Brubacher's Tack Shop a younger group of boys played through the afternoon, while just south, near Hawksville, Ontario another group played near the Conestoga River. Nowhere were the boys keeping score. "It doesn't matter," one boy said to my inquiry about keeping the tally. The boys worked as a group to build the rink that measures 60'x160' and has two rows of lights hung above it for evening play. These boys, who are members of the more traditional old order, David Martin Mennonites, usually work on their family farms or businesses on Saturday, but during the winter many Saturday afternoons are free for them to play hockey. According to Del Gingrich, of the St. Jacob's tourism office called "Telling the Mennonite Story" there are about 20,000 Mennonites in the Waterloo area, with about 2,000 of them being from this more conservative old order group. (Photo by Peter Power)