"Kudos to Peter for pulling off a tricky job with 20+ talent in the middle of Covid. His rapport with us, with staff and his own crew set a tone on the set that put everyone at ease. A joy to work with. Mr. Detail."

- Joel Sears, Partner, Branderos Inc.

"The thing that differentiates Peter Power from other photographers is the quality of the work he does before he even takes his camera out of the bag. Aside from the consistently top-notch calibre of his images, Peter excels at the people skills that are critical to producing great photography – from arranging the best times and locations for shoots, to getting to know his subjects in advance, to making them comfortable during shoots. I witnessed this many times, first-hand, as Peter's colleague at the Globe and Mail, and came to appreciate these qualities even more when I engaged Peter to shoot a special project for Communitech. When I send assignments to Peter, I can breathe easy in the knowledge that he will deliver every time."

- Anthony Reinhart, Director, Editorial Strategy at Communitech



"Your portrait work is beautiful.  What an artist you are. I once worked with a newscaster who liked to say that when we were writing a newscast, we weren’t just throwing a bunch of bricks together to build a wall, we were erecting a fine cathedral. A lot of people are satisfied with throwing bricks together. You’re definitely the guy building the cathedral. Thank-you so much for all the time, heart, effort and creativity you put into making me look good.”

- Karen Cumming, Mars 100 Candidate, Speaker, Educator, Journalist



"Peter Power is a world-class photojournalist. His ability to create telling images, his strong attention to detail, his passion for the craft elevates him into an elite level of story-tellers. I have not a second of hesitation to recommend him as he is a very talented individual."

-Graeme Roy, Director of News Photography at The Canadian Press

"Peter's highly celebrated career speaks for itself. His images have captured historic events and personal stories with great sensitivity and respect for over two decades and continues to be one of the finest and most respected photojournalists working in Canada today."

- Moe Doiron, Globe and Mail Photo Editor

“I have had the personal and professional privilege of working with photographer/videographer Peter Power on at least two large, sprawling projects.  They were both huge challenges, for the photographer even more than for the writer.  One involved intimate photographs and footage from the lives of disabled people, all over North America; the other entailed a month-long journey, in winter, across the Canadian High Arctic, showing up in hamlets where we were neither welcomed nor trusted.  In both situations Pete came away with breath-taking images and a visual story that simply didn’t exist until he arrived on the scene.   And both projects live on vigorously to this day online, thanks to the pictures and films Pete made.  He’s endlessly curious, and as good a reporter as any writer I know.  He has an uncanny ability to work his way into the confidence of even his most skeptical subjects, and the professional’s ability to get the shot, no matter how trying or dangerous the circumstances of the getting.  He never gives up, either, which can be irritating.   You can call him a photographer and a videographer, but I call him a reporter and a journalist and (most of all) a story-teller with exceptionally high standards.  He gets every image you want and need, and then he gets all the footage you didn’t know you wanted, but are thrilled to have.  He’s also a very nice guy, and a breeze to work with.  He’d be embarrassed to hear me say it, but in my opinion, he’s even more than a journalist and a documentary maker.  He’s an artist.”

- Ian Brown, The Globe and Mail


“Peter Power is one of Canada’s preeminent photographers; matched only in skill by his personable nature, which puts everyone he works with at ease. I have known Pete for many years and we worked together extensively during his years as a staff photographer with the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper.
Aside from our assignments within Canada, I travelled with Pete to Kenya, Pakistan, Djibouti, and Somalia. As you can imagine, none of these countries are easy for journalists, especially for the national security stories we focused on. Quite frankly, the work would not have been possible without Pete. At the time I was relatively inexperienced in foreign travel and greatly appreciated Pete’s expertise, including some prior military training, which helped in difficult situations.

In my 18 years as a journalist I have worked with many photographers and indeed am now shooting my own photos myself. I miss working with Pete and remain in awe of the work he was able to produce and his skill both technically and artistically as a photographer. I have no reservations for recommending him for any task he decides to do and am happy to talk further.”

- Michelle Shephard, The Toronto Star